Siirry sisältöön


In the core of our business is to produce responsible and sustainable knitted fabrics that are made in Finland.

Textile materials have different environmental effects which are sometimes difficult to compare. The essential thing in product development is to find a suitable material for its use and our product range includes ecological alternatives for many different purposes. We manufacture knitwear from organically cultivated eco-cotton, recycled cotton, bamboo viscose, lyocell, recycled polyester and biodegradable polyamide. From natural fibers, in addition to cotton, we use hemp and merino wool and their blends. Most of our merino wool is ethically produced mulesing-free merino wool. Most of our product can also be made from more ecological or from recycled yarn. Responsibility is our basis designing new product to our collection,

We use certified organic cotton and our product have Oeko-Tex® 100 class II  (products with significant skin contact) product safety certificate excluding hemp and Nomex fabrics and their mixtures.

All our fabrics are knitted in Finland. Dyeing and finishing take place in Finland and Estonia. We use European yarn suppliers and we are able to offer our customers information about the origin of the yarns as well. Our supply chain meets the requirements of Finnish and European legislation. We work actively to reduce our carbon footprint and the electricity we use in our production is 100 % European CO2 free energy. As a source of energy used for heating we use the local woodchips. In recent years, we laso have completely changed the lighting in our production to LED lights to reduce our energy consumption.

We actively participate to the development of the textile industry in Finland and we are involved in various projects related to textile production and the development of new products.

By producing high-quality knitwear, we want to support the sustainable development of the textile and fashion industry. Our goal is not to produce single-use materials, but fabrics that are used in products designed to last.

By choosing Orneule Oy as your partner, you support responsible textile production and Finnish work.