Orneule Ltd, which was founded in 1978, is the largest manufacturer of metric knit goods in Finland. Our company is located in Orivesi where we knit over 0,5 million kilos of fabric in a year. Most of the knits are knitted as raw knits which are dyed and finished using subcontractors.

Our customers come both from domestic and international companies and facilities. Export makes up about 20 % of our sales and the most important exporting countries are Russia, the Baltic countries, Sweden and Germany.

Our versatile machinery enables us to produce different kinds of knitted goods. We have knitted fabrics for very diverse purposes which you can explore from our web pages.

Circular-knitting machine

Operating principle

Our operating principle is to produce knits for the needs of the customers. The knit model can be developed together with the customer enabling us to take into account any special needs or the customer can choose an already developed model from our vast selection. For the production lots fabric can be dyed in the color that customer wishes.

The minimum order for the production lots is usually 160 kg, not including some of the special yarns, due to the dyeing technology. For customers interested in ordering smaller amounts, we can offer materials from our stock (look for stock qualities). These materials are always available in the stock colors and minimum ordering amounts are 20 m for basic knits and 1 kg for rib-knits.

Circular-knitting machine