Merinowool is a natural fibre obtained from sheep. Merinowool is gathered from the sheep by shearing its wool. There are over 200 different breed of sheep in the world that produce wool.

Merinowool fibre has a good absorption and isolation feature. Merinowool fibre is curly and flexible. Merinowool will dilate when wet and become even curlier. This is why it feels warm even if it is damp as it binds air between the curly fibres.

Merinowool is long fibred and of high quality. Merinowool is soft and feels good on the skin. This is why it is very suited for i.a. undergarments and children’s clothing. All the wools in the Orneule product range are merino wool.

Superwash-merinowool is machine washable. The surface of the fibre has been treated to prevent matting and it will sustain its appearance, also when machine washed. To achieve the best result when washed, a special wool detergent is recommended. Superwash-wool is available in the Orneule product range.

We have many different kinds of Merino wool fabrics in our collection. Most popular articles are interlock fabrics and jacquard knits from customers own design. We have also Mulesing-free Merino wool in our collection. Check out the stock lots of Merino wool.

We have lovely interlock fabrics in our stock collection in three different colours: as black, off white and as dark mélange grey.

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