Viscose, CV

Viscose is a man-made fibre drom wood pulp, which means that the raw material originates from nature, but it is far refined until it becomes a textile fibre. The raw materials are usually different trees such as birch, fir and pine.

Viscose has a reasonable abrasion resistance and it is very absorbent. Viscose also has a reasonable dimensional stability and it will shrink and crease somewhat in the wash. It is especially important to form the piece of clothing made of viscose after the wash, while damp. This should be remembered with all knittings when washed. The forming will help the viscose garment to stay beautiful and to keep its form in the best possible way.

Viscose bamboo

Viscose bamboo is a man-made fibre from wood pulp and it is manufactured with the same method as viscose is spun, but the raw material is fast growing and quickly renewing bamboo. Bamboo is durable, stabile and firm as a material. It is very absorbent and breathable. Because of its antistatic feature and softness, it is very pleasant to use, but it may pill a bit. Bamboo is suitable for users with sensitive skin and it is non-allergenic and biodegradable. Because of the breathability and comfort it offers, bamboo is very well suited also for sports clothing and undergarments.