Polypropylene, PP

Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre with excellent durability. It does not absorb moisture - it transfers it. Because of this quality polypropylene is used in i.a. undergarments for sports, where the polypropylene knitting transfers the moisture away from the skin to the next layer of clothing and the skin feels dry. Polypropylene has good dimensional stability in washings.


Polycolon® is a polypropylene fibre developed by Schoeller. Polycolon does not absorb moisture. It transfers it to the next layers of clothing or evaporates it. Polycolon-knittings feel pleasant and they keep their colours well. Polycolon-knittings are light, their density being 41 % less than that of cotton. Polycolon-knittings can be washed in up to 95°C.