At Orneule we want to act responsibly by offering our customers more ecological materials and thus leaving a smaller carbon footprint and caring for our environment also in the future.

In our product range you will find organically grown bio-organical cotton, viscose bamboo made from the fast growing bamboo plant and Tencel®, the raw material for which is made out of eucalyptus trees. In addition to the natural fibre cotton, we also use hemp and merino wool.

The knitted fabric have standardized Öko-Tex® Standard 100, class II. With the exception of hemp, polyamide and Nomex knitted fabrics, as well as blends thereof.

Orneule complies with the Finnish and European environmental laws, which ban the use of several chemicals still actively used in the world. The Finnish and European environmental laws have for decades been stricter than in the rest of the world.

By preparing knittings of high quality, we want to support the sustainable development. We do not aim to produce materials for single-use only, but knittings from which the products made will remain beautiful despite wearing and washing.

The products made by Orneule are knitted and finished in Finland and we have therefore been granted the right to use the symbol for Finnish made products.

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